How To Tie Raine Waistbeads

What You Will Need : Sharp scissors, A Container, and a Lighter
Instructions: 1. Take one end of strand in each hand (Notice each end has a BLUE fixed anchor bead. DO NOT CUT THIS BEAD UNTIL STRAND IS TIED)
2. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt.
3. Pull on both blue anchor beads to release the slip knots.
4. Place strand on your tummy or hips at the preferred location.
5. Be sure that beads are pushed all the way back so the strand has no gaps. Gaps create pinching!
6. Cross strand (To make an X) at preferred location.
7. Create your first knot. Excess beads should be toward blue anchor beads at this time.
8. Tie up to 4 knots to ensure a secure fit.
9. Cut excess string close to knot (anchor beads and excess beads included) and put into your container.
10: FOR BEGINNERS: Place a dab of super glue on the knot to prevent slipping. (Be advised the glue will dry hard and may be irritating to the skin)
11. FOR EXPERTS: lightly burn the ends of knot and roll between your index finger and thumb to secure.
12. Enjoy!
For Video Instruction Please Follow @Divine.Raine On Instagram And Refer To The IGTV Tutorial 
 {BONUS TIP} If you are still struggling with tying, simply search on Youtube "How To Tie Waistbeads"

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